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Workshops at the festival 2023

Special Seminar
by Jeff Chan
Jeff Chan is one of our special guests and will be visiting again for the festival to Germany! Whether it’s striking, takedowns, or ground fighting – in his workshop you will learn the best tricks and combinations to improve your sparring.
Special Seminar
by Rokas Leo

Rokas illuminates his journey from traditional Aikido to modern MMA on his YouTube channel MartialArtsJourney. In his workshop, he teaches you what he has learned: the practical applications of Aikido techniques, reinterpreted in a new and functional way for MMA.

Calisthenics & Mobility
by Chamina

Join Chamina on a journey to a healthy, strong, and flexible body. She will guide you through exercises that will eventually lead you to do splits and bridges. This workshop is especially valuable for those who want to improve their high kicks.

Chamina transitioned from aerial acrobatics to flexibility and mobility training, dedicating years to discovering more effective, sustainable, and pain-free ways to gain flexibility. Splits, bridges, and acrobatics are her specialties.


by Jess und Feli

In this workshop, we’ll dive into the world of AcroYoga. AcroYoga is a form of partner acrobatics that allows us to playfully connect with ourselves and others. We’ll learn the basics step by step and, by the end, build a small sequence together. You don’t need a partner or prior experience to join. Feel free to bring your own yoga mats, but we’ll also have some available on-site.

Jess and Feli are both yoga instructors who offer AcroYoga workshops at Friedrich31 in Erlangen. They have been practicing AcroYoga together for over 3 years and regularly attend various workshops and events to gather new ideas and inspiration. What continually fascinates them about AcroYoga is the connection, strength, and creativity it fosters.


Fan Dance
by Hefei Huang

Chinese Fan Dance (扇子舞): Introduction to the basic technique of fan dance. You will learn to perform basic body movements in harmony with the music and the fan positions in harmony with the Qi (气).

Hefei Huang (黄鹤飞) is a teacher for Chinese and Chinese culture, a calligrapher and book author. She runs her own language school in Munich.


BJJ / Grappling
by Naomi Staller

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu builds on Japanese martial arts and focuses on ground fighting, with additional throwing techniques taught from a standing position during training.

Naomi Staller joined the Ju Jutsu national squad in 2019 and won silver at the 2021 World Championships in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the sport, she is a doctoral student at the University of Tübingen.


by Michael Marks

Aikido is a Japanese martial art. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century from traditional techniques by Ueshiba Morihei. The aim of Aikido is to deflect and redirect the attack force of an opponent.

Michael Marks holds the 6th Dan and has been training for 44 years, 20 of them with direct students of Ueshiba Morihei.


by Vera Schmidt, Zhuo Shi Wushu Akademie Tübingen

Flying like an eagle? Hunt like a tiger? Or attack as skillfully as a praying mantis? In this Chinese martial art Wushu, we don’t learn flying, but we do learn movements almost as supple and powerful as eagles and tigers. Here you will get an insight into various fist and kick techniques, as well as the use of weapons such as saber, sword or spear.


Viet Vu Dao
by Carsten Klement

Viet Vu Dao is a traditional martial art from Vietnam. Practiced are hand and foot techniques as well as leverage and throwing techniques. A “specialty” of Viet Vu Dao are a variety of scissor techniques, The advanced students also learn to use various weapons, including stick and sword.

Carsten Klement has been practicing Viet Vu Dao for 30 years. Since spring 2009 he teaches at SV Laufamholz.


by Mestrando Desenhado

Capoeira, the famous fight dance, makes it possible to train discipline, coordination, reaction, musicality, balance and reflexes in a playful way – and to compete with others in the game in the traditional ‘roda’ (Portuguese: circle).

Mestrando Desenhado has over 20 years of experience teaching capoeira. His path has taken him from Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil, to Nuremberg and Erlangen.


Da Cheng Chuan (Kung Fu)
by Jürgen Baier
Da Cheng Chuan is an internal style of Chinese Kung Fu based on the training of Zhan Zhuang. In the workshop you will learn the basics of the seven pillars of Da Cheng Chuan Kung Fu, from footwork, to power application, to principles such as ‘standing like a tree’.


Bo Staff and Form2Function (Kung Fu)
by Gregor Endler

Nam Wah Pai is a southern style of Kung Fu that includes traditional forms, semi-contact and full-contact fighting, as well as weapons training. This workshop provides an introduction to our staff techniques, covering basic strikes, combinations, and partner techniques. If possible, please bring your own unbreakable wooden staff, approximately your own height, as there is only a limited number of loaner staffs available.

In a second workshop, Gregor will focus on the transition from form to combat. In most traditional martial arts, techniques are passed down through forms (Tao Lu, Quan, Kata, Poomsae, etc.). Depending on the style and instructor, the connection between form and actual combat can be indirect, making it sometimes challenging to relate form techniques to their practical application. In this workshop, we bridge the gap from traditional forms through partner exercises to sparring. (It is recommended to bring sparring equipment – at least boxing gloves and a mouthguard. However, the workshop is also suitable for people without sparring experience or equipment.)

Gregor Endler has been practicing Nam Wah Pai Kung Fu for over 20 years. Since 2012, he has been a trainer for Nam Wah Pai in the sports program at Erlangen University.


Chung Moo Kwan (Kung Fu)
by Peter Ködel

The basis of our training is the little-known traditional Korean Shaolin Kung Fu. By combining it with the Korean hand-to-hand combat Hap-Ki-Do, we expand traditional Kung Fu into modern and practical self-defence. The Korean influence has shaped a tough and direct style. In this workshop we will deal with traditional Kung Fu techniques and, depending on the time, with SV and Hapkido.

Peter’s path led him from judo, kickboxing and briefly TKD to kung fu, to which he has been loyal for 20 years now.


Ninjutsu (Bujinkan)
by Jörg Sedler, Ninpō Dachau
The techniques in Bujinkan are derived from Samurai and Ninjutsu schools, forming the basis for a comprehensive concept where the principle of “Kentaiichinyo” (“Body and weapon are one”) is crucial. This principle influences both unarmed and armed combat and their transitions. The movement remains consistent whether with or without a weapon. This workshop aims to provide a glimpse of how Bujinkan principles are applied in combat.

by Nicolas Petritzky
HEMA, which stands for Historical European Martial Arts, focuses on reviving European martial arts from the Middle Ages. Grab a longsword and learn how knights encountered each other on the field of honor. The workshop titled ‘Lichtenauer’s Toolbox: How to Gain and Maintain Initiative in Sword Combat’ provides a brief introduction to the basics of historical sword fighting with the longsword, including steps, strikes, and guards.

Nicolas has been involved in medieval fencing and swordsmanship for many years. He represents the Sword Fighting Department of Henger SV, dedicated to reconstructing and teaching European sword-fighting arts from the late Middle Ages. They study historical sources, test their techniques in sparring, and ensure their functionality.


by Ralph Smutny
Learn Japanese sword martial art in the style of the Tanaya school: Tanaya Masami taught Iaido as it was during the time of the Samurai: upright, fast, dynamic, and combat-ready. We will teach you how to handle a sword and introduce you to the first kata. Workshop participants will practice with a wooden sword (Bokken). If you already have a Bokken, feel free to bring it. At the end, we will give a small demonstration.

Heinz Scharrer, Dan bearer and Iaido trainer at SPVGG Mögeldorf 2000, and Ralph Smutny, Dan bearer and Iaido trainer at TV 1848 Erlangen, will be your instructors.


Haidong Gumdo
by Irmgard Oeser
Haidong Gumdo – the Korean Way of the Sword – is a pure sword martial art that seeks harmony between body, mind, and sword. In this workshop, you can become familiar with the basics of sword handling and test your cuts in various applications (e.g., cutting paper).


by Nassauer Löwen
Experience historically armored full-contact combat in a modern martial arts competition, with the ambiance of medieval tournaments. Battles are fought in authentic armor following international competition rules. There are various disciplines in which fighters can compete, including duels and group battles.
We will demonstrate several duels with different types of weapons in full armor. There will be an armor and weapon display. Interested individuals have the opportunity to try it out in soft equipment with soft weapons.

The Nassauer Löwen is a German team that also participates in international competitions. They also supply fighters to the German national team.


Wado-Ryu Karate
by Thomas Knöbl
Wado-Ryu is one of the four major Japanese martial arts styles and was founded by Ôtsuka Sensei. Its roots can be traced back to traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Okinawan Karate. In addition to strikes and kicks, Wado also incorporates numerous joint locks, throws, and the control of body structure as essential elements. The workshop will demonstrate and teach principles from this discipline.

Thomas Knöbl is the style representative at the Bavarian Karate Association e.V. and holds a 5th Dan in Wado-Ryu Karate.



by Steffen

Fencing is an Olympic combat sport that combines a long-standing tradition with the modern principles of high-performance athletics. It places high demands on concentration, speed, determination, and overall fitness. Simultaneously, its practice enhances these qualities to a significant extent.

Steffen represents the Fencing Club Fürth, which has been a regional training center for the Bavarian Fencing Association for nearly 20 years. The primary focus is on foil fencing.


Way of the Sword (Initiatic Swordwork)
by Ulrich Horender
“Schwertweg” or “Initiatic Swordwork” is a practice that involves using a sword as a tool for inner development and self-discovery. It’s not about combat but rather a means to center, focus, and realign oneself. The exercises with the sword provide a clear perspective on one’s behavior in daily life, especially in situations like conflicts or decision-making.

Ulrich Horender has had a lifelong connection with the sword, and in 2009, during a crisis period, he discovered the practice of Initiatic Swordwork. Since 2018, he has been conducting seminars and guiding individuals through this practice, helping them explore and develop themselves through the sword.



Axe throwing
by Rage Axe

Immerse yourself in the long-distance fighting art of the Vikings: strength and skill are equally in demand. Learn how to hurl the one-handed axe unerringly at the wooden target!

Intuitive archery
by Nürnberger Waldschützen
The fascination of traditional archery lies in its simplicity: Archer, bow, arrow, target. Without sights or technical aids, you will playfully learn to focus on the target, thereby making conscious and subconscious decisions.

Waldschützen Nürnberg see themselves as a community for all age groups and offer regular training in traditional archery. You are welcome to join and learn the art of archery.

Link: Waldschützen Nürnberg

Gladiator school
by Sebastian Thomas
In our workshop, you will learn the fundamental techniques of gladiatorial combat. The focus will be on working with the Gladius (sword) and shield, as well as overcoming an opponent’s shield.

During our demonstration, we will delve into the specifics of reconstructing ancient combat techniques, explain the functions of the equipment, and showcase one to three gladiatorial battles. Following the demonstration, we will be available for questions and in-depth discussions about gladiatorial combat as a modern martial art.

We, the Gladiatorenschule Trier e.V., are dedicated to the reconstruction of gladiatorial combat from the 1st century AD. Additionally, we increasingly engage in Iron Age combat representation using spear and Aspis (shield). Our philosophy is that the true techniques of that era can best be reconstructed through full-contact combat practice.



Chinese Calligraphy
by Hefei Huang

Chinese Calligraphy (书法): Introduction to the art of brush, ink and paper. In the course you will learn basic techniques of brushwork under guidance, get an insight into the aesthetics and structure of Chinese writing and can then write your own characters as desired.

Hefei Huang (黄鹤飞), teacher for Chinese and Chinese culture, calligrapher and book author. She runs her own language school in Munich.


Japanese tea ceremony
by Michael Kreis
The Japanese tea ceremony, known as “chadō” (茶道), is also referred to as the “Way of Tea.” It is closely connected to Zen philosophy and follows specific rules and rituals. During the ceremony, a host serves tea and light refreshments to one or more guests in a predetermined manner.

You can witness this ritual and, at the end, even purchase a cup of tea prepared as part of the ceremony, along with a Japanese sweet, for 7.50€.

The Jikishin Chadokai is a Nuremberg-based association dedicated to the Japanese Way of Tea. They follow the Urasenke Tea School from Kyoto, Japan.


Drawing Manga
by Theresa

Choose your fighter! – Learn how to bring your own manga characters to life with pen and paper and pit them against each other!

Dungeons and Dragons
by Ali Baba Spieleclub e.V.
Embark on an adventure together as a squad of heroes at the gaming table. Combat spirit, tricky tactics, teamwork and a razor-sharp mind are required to master the dangers of this immersive journey. In addition to DnD, there are many other exciting tabletop role-playing game systems from different game worlds to explore.

Hasan, Emily, and Frank, the game masters from the Ali Baba Spieleclub e.V. association, will guide you through exciting adventures throughout the day.

Live audio drama

Let yourself be inspired by a rousing story from ancient Chinese mythology, which was the template for Dragon Ball and takes you on the exciting martial arts journey of the Monkey King and his friends.

Spoken live by a wonderful cast of German voice actors. Bring a pillow or mat, lie down on the grass and listen to the mythical story of the Monkey King’s adventures.

Head Coach Mattias

Mattias is the founder of the Rebels and initiator of the martial arts festival. He looks back on a path of various martial arts, usually stands smiling somewhere next to the whole spectacle and is happy that this festival has become so big.